31 March 2012

Topshop Treats

Libson Heels, Floral Tee, White Shirt, Print shorts- Topshop
Now that England is finally getting warmer, I've been on the hunt for some Spring/Summer peices. I have fallen in love with the Lisbon heels, they will go with everything this summer. This tee caught my eye in the new in section,  I'm really fussy when it comes to floral, I like this tee as it doesn't have too much floral going on! The white shirt is such an essential, like the heels, go with everything! Finally the print shorts, I love how the cord is neon pink, I'm definitely buying into the neon trend this Summer, I have my eye on a neon yellow clutch. Pay day can't come sooner!


  1. I like these items, really cute & welcome to blogging world lol x

  2. Love it all! And great blog! :)